Titre original: Dirge -ASLEEP IN JESUS- Romaji: Dirge -ASLEEP IN JESUS-
    Producteur: Pandolist-P (パンドリストP) Année: 2009
    Vocaloid: Megurine Luka Vidéo originale: sm7349398

    Asleep in Jesus! Blessed sleep,
    From which none ever wakes to weep;
    A calm and undisturbed repose,
    Unbroken by the last of foes.

    Asleep in Jesus! Peaceful rest,
    Whose waking is supremely blessed;
    No fear, no woe, shall dim that hour
    That manifests the Savior's power.

    La la la...

    Asleep in Jesus! Oh, how sweet,
    To be for such a slumber meet,
    With holy confidence to sing
    That death has lost his venomed sting!

    La la la...

    Asleep in Jesus! Oh, for me
    May such a blessed refuge be!
    Securely shall my ashes lie
    And wait the summons from on high.

    Asleep in Jesus! Far from thee
    Thy kindred and their graves may be;
    But there is still a blessed sleep,
    From which none ever wakes to weep.

    La la la...

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