• Faint Moon


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    Titre original: Faint Moon Romaji: Faint Moon
    Producteur: SynNightP Année: 2011
    Vocaloid: Megurine Luka Vidéo originale: sm16350456
    The back figure 
    I watch from the window
    The boy does not notice me
    The back figure (I am cloud)
    I watch from the window (He is the moon)
    The boy does not notice me (I cover the moon)

    He does not know my name either
    But at last dear person noticed me
    He looked up and smiled at me today
    Heart is noisy 
    What should I do?
    Teach me it

    I don't understand my heart
    actually understand it
    half moon which rises to the night sky
    sleep after staring at it
    Surely answer is found in a dream
    Is it love? 
    When the sky clears
    (Your happiness is my wish)
    I am not with you
    (I pray for it)
    I am cloud
    (But only now
    Please look at me) 
    Now I can see his smile
    Please smile only me

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