• Metropolitic ''I''


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    Titre original: Metropolitic ''I'' Romaji: Metropolitic ''I''
    Producteur: Katakuna-P (頑なP) Année: 2010
    Vocaloid: Megurine Luka Vidéo originale: sm13071205
    Shell and lens that was floating in clamor. 
    I faced them directly. 
    Silent voices and supersonic eyes are just standing by me

    Metropolis wriggles, and demands to me enhancing 
    The selection of the ego is not even drunk by "I". 
    I evade the egoism like breaking scanning lines
    So, I jump into over the picture tube now

    That core of hollow has already been shut off
    Touch my noise
    The shades of meaning in "I" and being chained zilch

    The noize of the metropolis interrupts with the providence
    Cause and effect weakens, and own sign is growing up
    Synchronizing with myself and sublating to low level
    Searching for the look of "I" from among the crowd of the building

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