• Through the door you are


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    Titre original: 扉の向こうにいるあなた-Through the door you are- Romaji: Tobira no Mukou ni Iru Anata -Through the door you are-
    Producteur: Pandolist-P Année: 2009
    Vocaloid: Megurine Luka Vidéo originale: sm6374788
    I noticed. 
    Something different from before. 
    If I open the door, enveloped in a faint smell of you. 
    That day we had to act. 
    But is not it. 
    Recently, it is possible to feel it only by coming near to nearby.
    Today I "a hundred yen shops" bought deodorants. 
    To forget... forget you. 

    I noticed. 
    Something different from before. 
    Go home, surrounded by the smell of you. 
    I pretend I do not care anymore... anymore, could not. 
    I opened the door away. 
    Touch with you. You should be hard, the soft damp. 
    I was awake overbrim with the dropping dripping. 
    And it's goodbye to you today. 

    I discard the onion, cleaned the fridge.

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