• Wual


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    Titre original: Wual Romaji: Wual
    Producteur: Ukaku (うかく) Année: 2011
    Vocaloid: Megurine Luka Vidéo originale: sm16275706
    Everything is lost
    People are desperate and hated
    But the result of their actions
    Even if you know a mistake
    This moment is not only visible
    Even if you know how dangerous
    Until then do not understand
    It may be human
    It's not every prayer come true
    Caught a little girl
    All imposed a witch
    Ah... God
    Why is she an evil?
    Future where broken
    Given the fate fall
    So people would be pleased
    When the flows remain
    And people. All dead
    What was useless sacrifice of a girl?
    This is punishement? Or curse?
    The girl hoped
    ''As the world be saved''
    Girl's wish give the desired
    The hope that his death
    Death to all the world to give
    She cursed all
    Everything was saved by her, and into fall
    Ah... God
    Why is she guilty?
    Future where broken
    Who fall fate
    So people have been saved
    When the flows remain
    When one end of
    Desire to end
    What are your dreams?
    The beginning of a new world
    Happiness prag and
    Thoughts of a little girl

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