• Zombie Revenge Song


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    Titre original: Zombie Revenge Song Romaji: Zombie Revenge Song
    Producteur: Circus-P Année: 2011
    Vocaloid: Megurine Luka Vidéo originale: ???

    Rotting now and forever
    Why are we not together?
    Sacrifice me just for you
    "Promise me that you will too"
    This was our only option
    Nowhere else we could've run
    Why didn't you come with me?
    Why did I sacrifice me?

    I can hear helpless screaming
    I can see red flames blazing
    This is our sanctuary?
    How could this be 'So Merry?'
    We'll be clean and come out pure
    It's no doubt, our only cure
    You liar, left all alone.
    Forced to rot in the unknown

    Thudding, Crashing, De-
    Rocking, Shaking, De-
    Screaming, Shrieking,
    Destroying, Aching, oh
    Clawing, Scratching, De-
    Raging, Breaking, De-
    Shouting, Yelling,
    Destroying, Hurting, oh
    Limping, Falling, De-
    Moaning, Groaning, De-
    Rotting, Living,
    Destroying, Crying, oh
    Breaking, Crashing, De-
    Staring, Shaking, De-
    Howling, Shrieking,
    Destroying, Raging, Oh

    Lying ablaze in the haze of this place
    Finally you get what you deserve you rotten betrayer
    Flames burn you down from your throne, all alone
    Finally you will be just like me, you rotten betrayer

    Come join me! Rotting away forever
    Come join me! We'll live forever dead!
    Come join me! In eternal agony
    Come join me! You belong here, baby

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